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About the Language School

Alma Mater College offers foreign language courses to students and professionals using blended learning tools. Our courses start at beginner to advanced. You can complete your Cambridge International qualification in any of the following languages:




Mandarin (Chinese)*







*Subject to demand.

Why a Cambridge Qualification?

These courses will teach you beginner skills in speaking, listening, and advance writing skills.  Most Universities and Employers highly regard the IGCSE certificates and recognise its proficiency for study and work.   Our language school is uniquely positioned to cater for working professionals and students.  Build you resume/CV with one of our popular languages.

The classes are run in the afternoons from 17:15 to 18:15, on a weekly basis.

Language programmes:

Basic – Beginner

Course duration – 3 months

Cost – R 6 800.00

Learn about the culture and  conversational language skills

Intermediate – Introductions to IGCSE

Course duration 6 months

Cost – R 13 600.00

Learn to write, speak and easily converse in the language. Gain entrance to the IGCSE qualification

Extended / First year of IGCSE Qualification

*Not international certification

Embark on your fist year of the IGCSE qualification.

Cost R 22 000.00

Advance level of Listening, speaking and writing skills

Advance level/ Final year of IGCSE Qualification

*International certification

Complete a well renowned IGCSE qualification through Cambridge

Cost R 22 000.00

Advance level of listening, speaking and writing skills.

Please enquire about entry requirements and assessment placements in our courses.